Saturday, 9 June 2012

Think Like A Marketer for A Career in IT!

Think Like A Marketer for A Career in IT!

Full Time Jobs India shares another insight for job seekers in IT

  1. Though you are a highly skilled IT professional, there are pretty slim chances of getting unsolicited IT job offers, considering the current tight economic conditions. Think different, think like an innovative marketing professional!
  2. Self-marketing and branding pays a long way when it comes to securing a high-tech job in your dream company. Learn from each ‘Rejection’ as that will bring you closer to your goal – to get a job you always wanted.
  3. With perseverance and commitment, you should be a regular in applying for IT jobs each day.
  4. Make consistent practice calling employers and IT recruiting agencies to inquire whether they saw your resume. Also ask about what kind of opportunities they have or may have down the road.
  5. Another innovative practice is sending ‘thank you’ notes to every person that takes the time to call, write, or interview you. Regardless of whether you get a ‘no’, you should follow this practice as things can take positive turn.


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