Friday, 15 June 2012

Use the Right Key to Unlock The Job You Always Wanted!

Full time jobs India, your one-stop online job search portal, here are a few recommended resume writing tips so that your resume acts as the key to unlock the job you always wanted.

1. Be Honest

As an obvious tip, being honest, goes a long way as an employer who discovers a lie in your resume has the legal option of firing you immediately. Apart from this, many employers will do background checks and contact references during the hiring process. Thus, you should avoid any potential problem by being totally honest when building your resume.

2. Avoid Templates and Sample Resumes

Though using a resume template can be helpful, you should try to create your own original resume by using valid personal information. However, if you wish to use a resume template or a sample resume, you may use it at your own discretion.

3. Make Your Resume Clear and Readable

We suggest you to ensure that your resume is clear and readable by using standardized formatting and clear and concise language when building your resume.

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